Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Down goes Usher! Down goes Usher!....

Singer-songwriter and alien football player in The Faculty Usher Raymond was the only one of the top eight seeds to fall, getting outdanced by a fat man in tight pants. Chris Farley advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in Usher’s place, but must take on another legend in Dick van Dyke.

This is getting really hard, so I wish all of you the best of luck in your choices. Voting will close either tonight or tomorrow sometime, depending on how many votes get turned in. The amount of votes each dancer/dancers won their previous round by is listed beside them.

Sweet Sixteen Action

1. Michael Jackson in "Smooth Criminal" (by 11) vs. 16. Napoleon Dynamite in Napoleon Dynamite (by 8)

2. Kevin Bacon in Footloose (by 12) vs. 18. Tom Cruise in Risky Business (by 3)

30. Chris Farley’s Chippendale’s dance on Saturday Night Live (by 4) vs. 19. Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins (by 2)

4. Christopher Walken in "Weapon of Choice" (by 5) vs. 13. Britney Spears in "Baby One More Time" (by 1)

5. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing (by 5) vs. 44. Will Ferrell’s gymnastic routine in Old School (by 1)

6. John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever (by 3) vs. 11. Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas in Saved The Last Dance (by 6)

7. Gene Kelly in Singin' In The Rain (by 8) vs. 23. Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show (by 6)

8. Janet Jackson in "It's All For You" (by 4) vs. 24. Prince in “Little Red Corvette” (by one)

Best of luck to all of our participants.

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