Saturday, February 12, 2005

Quick, off the top of my head responses to the Pitt game:

* Torin Francis, where were you? I understand the double was there constantly, but you're a junior, you knew it was coming and you have a trio of three-point shooters out on the perimeter begging for an open shot.

* Ric Cornett was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why exactly he was even in the game probably relates back to the fact Torin Francis was non-existent, but it's not like we ran a play for him. Thomas made a pretty pass, Pitt made a good foul and Ric was 4 for 19 on the year from the line.

* But why the intentional, Ric? It worked out well, but that's a pretty dumb foul with 1:05 left.

* If Chris Thomas and Chris Quinn play like that consistently the rest of the year, it'll take another air-balling effort from Colin Falls for us to lose many a game. Both of those guys stepped up at different times when it was needed.

* Maybe should have started pressing sooner, especially when Krasuer was out, because Pitt does not have that many great ball-handlers besides their point guard.

* Still on the Carl Krauser note, that "X" thing is still really gay, even from 400 miles away. And oh yeah, Pitt won't be making it past the Sweet Sixteen again this year, if they make it that far.

* This goes out to all worried Irish fans, especially DK: Unless we drop games to Georgetown and Rutgers at home, we're going to make the tournament. Granted, we don't want to be losing to winless Providence either, but we still have shots at UConn and home against Pitt to grab another quality win or two. For added confidence for everyone in the Big East, root hard for your defending national champions against UNC tomorrow afternoon.

* The burden has shifted from Thomas to Falls as the reason for our inconsistencies offensively. With Pitt throwing an army of seven-footers out on the floor, we had to knock down some outside shots. Quinn and Thomas carried their weight, Falls embarrassed himself.

* Big question on Brey: Why did Cornett take the ball out of bands? The only man I would have wanted to have the ball less than him would have been Russel Carter, an uncontrollable dynamo of bad shots, fouls and turnovers who thinks the ball is a snake.

* Speaking of Francis disappearing, where was Lattimore's offense? The length of Pitt didn't help his mid-range game, taking away his short jumpers. Lot of bad match-ups against Pitt for us that I'm not sure will come back to hurt us the rest of the season, unless everyone takes to doubling Francis and he never learns to pass out of the double-team.

* For having an awesome arena, the Pitt fans aren't really that loud. They're ringed right next to court, yet a majority of them sit down during timeouts. Not classy.

* The more I think about it, the bigger and bigger that UConn/UNC game looms tomorrow, especially with the Big East needing to show sort of superiority over the other conferences with seven teams looking to get bids. I still feel pretty confident about our chances, simply because we've avoiding the bad losses and have a couple of quality wins, but the better the Big East looks as a whole, the better the Irish look.

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