Thursday, February 24, 2005

Quick Hits

First off, and most importantly, the Blog has been accepted into Google's AdSense program, meaning that in return for putting in a Google search bar (near the top) and the row of four ads above the title, this thing may potentially earn some money.

In order to do this, I need to ask all of you a massively huge favor: Click the links above the title. You don't have to buy anything, you don't have to actually read anything, just in the massve amounts of time you all waste on the internet talking on AIM and avoiding work just click on the links. There was actually a decent one up last night where you could download movies and TV shows, so they're not all worthless/porn.

This has been a public service announcement by your neighborhood Blog O' Fun...


I lied when I said that was the most important thing. We're trying to decide between Usher's "Yeah" and "U Remind Me" for his entry in the music video. I e-mailed Erika, the webmaster at, and she in her reply she was up in the air but leaning towards "Yeah". Everyone here, except Chad, is taking the side of "U Remind Me".

This is a critical toss-up, and as soon as Erika decides (as we're going with her opinion - she's the expert, after all, although if something blows my mind, we can always bend rules), we can move on to deciding what Michael Jackson video is the best for dancing.

And incase you haven't noticed, there's now a sweet little permalink in the blogger heading so it's easy to find the suggestsion thread for the Ultimate Dance Tournament. At the rate we're going, we may get 64 entries.


If you're an OC fan then I probably don't have to remind you this, but tonight is supposed to be the "biggest episode of the season" at this point, so you don't want to miss it. Granted, I consider the lesbian kiss episode pretty huge, but if it involves an airport and Seth saying good-bye, it has to be good.

Plus, you can cross your fingers that the wench Rebecca Bloom will die.


I can only imagine the smile on Pete Kaplon's face as his Sixers acquire perennial choker Chris Webber and solid inside-outside player Rodney Rogers at the deadline. Philadelphia made out like bandits with these trades, getting rid of some big contracts (Kenny Thomas, Glenn Robinson) and keeping all of their young players (Willie Green, Kyle Korver, Samuel Dalembert). If AI keeps playing like he has been, they'll be major players, along with the Heat, Pistons and Cavaliers, in the Eastern Conference playoffs.


The Big East conference standings are so tight right now, depending on how the next two games go, the Irish could end up second in the conference.....or eighth. As long as we take care of Rutgers and UCLA, we'll be fine tournament-wise.


Another crazy NBA trade just went down as Antoine Walker is on his way back to Boston for Gary Payton. doesn't have all the details, but both the Celtics and Sixers have decided to make pushes to win the terrible Atlantic division and get knocked out in the first round by the Bulls.


Happy OC Thursday, even if you've been completely buried by International Relations studying or have a Theo review session tonight.

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