Saturday, February 26, 2005

Incoherent, 3:00 AM Ramblings, So Forgive Incoherent Grammar, Completely Skipped Words and Misspellings…

I really, really like Finding Neverland. I think we need to institute the “Best Year” award, just so Kate Winslet gets something for being so great in both Eternal Sunshine and Neverland. I still have to see The Aviator and Hotel Rwanda by Sunday at 8:30, so wish me luck.

I love the fact that the Dolphins have the number two overall pick in a draft where there isn’t even one no-gamble, for-sure pick. Last year, there were like seven. Hopefully some team gets googly eyes during the Combine and wants to trade up. I surely, surely hope so.

The fact that Andy MacKrell is going to be able to make the not-that-long trip from Erie on summer weekends when we have pool parties at Livey’s really just makes me giggly.

I’m going to dress up really nicely some evening, go to a fancy restaurant and see how long I can pretend to be someone’s waiter until A) They figure me out or B) The real waiter gets me kicked out. If that doesn’t work, I’m just going to walk from table to table and very calmly ask “How is everything this evening? Good? Excellent.” as if I am in charge.

Are there a lot of really creepy guys that attend this school, or is it just me? Maybe it’s just a sense of uppitiness, or the really strong belief that myself and many of the people I hang out with are indeed not creepy, that lead me to believe that there’s just a large amount of socially-awkward, intimidating-in-a-very-scary-way folks around.

I think The OC may have set some kind of record for quality decisions made on Thursday night. More on this when I get time, but anytime you eliminate both the characters of Lindsay and Rebecca, reunite Seth and Summer, introduce the concept of random lesbian kisses and then kill off Evil Sandy, you know it’s a good time.

Incase you were unfamiliar with the subject matter, or just flat-out didn’t care since Freddy Prinze Jr. has fallen off the globe, but She’s All That is a less-musical rip off of My Fair Lady, where Zach Siler will never be as smooth as Henry Higgins and Audrey Hepburn will always be a thousand times more gorgeous than Rachael Leigh Cook, no matter what your brain looks like on drugs.

Euchre was really made to be played as a strip game, wasn’t it? Think about it, it works out pretty perfectly.

Did you ever have more dreams than it seemed could fit into the time you were sleeping? I thought I had been asleep for a solid twelve hours earlier this week, but it was like closer to seven, yet I had more in-depth, vivid dreams than it seemed could fit into that time frame. Can anyone explain that to me?

There’s still very little doubt in my mind that Be Cool is going to be absolutely awesome, and there’s even less doubt in my mind that Man of the House will completely and totally suck. Tommy Lee Jones, what are you doing with yourself? Have you no shame?

Brendan’s going to start watching Buffy, and I’m very excited about the possibilities of being able to share the inside jokes of “Once More, With Feeling” with someone other than Cousin Lindsay.

I’m pretty upset the Timberwolves didn’t make a trade, but Sports Guy wrote that KG is running at maybe 40% with a bum knee, so I guess they realize that with the Big Ticket isn’t healthy, it doesn’t matter who else is around him. It’s just a shame after the massive strides forward the entire organization took last year. Extended post on this over Break, I’m sure.

I don’t play poker nearly enough here. I’m very excited to get back home for a number of reasons, but right up near the top with “Sleeping a lot” and “Visiting my grandma” has to be just sitting at my poker table playing with my shiny clay chips.

Quick, pick one: You can be the Fonz in the Happy Days universe during his prime, Danny Zuko in Grease, Ferris Bueller or Brad Pitt in the current position he’s in right now.

(And yes, if you choose Brad Pitt, that means you’re buddy-buddy with George Clooney and are involved in a love triangle with Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie, but don’t forget about the values of Olivia Newton John in a poodle skirt, the “Hey” or having get well wishes put for you at Wrigley Field. And yes, Katie Mancino has never seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so our friendship is a constant struggle.)

Lindsay Lohan is having her breasts digitally reduced in the new Herbie flick being released by Disney. Michael Eisner would never let such a travesty happen.

If my Mythology midterm on Thursday would have been moved back until after break, I was seriously considering leaving Tuesday afternoon. I would have only missed two Calcs, two Theos, a Mythology and a Time Travel class.

Fantastic weekend for college hoops, with UConn/Pittsburgh, OK State/Kansas, Arizona/Washington, Kentucky/Alabama. For the record, I’m taking Connecticut, OK State, Washington and Big Blue. I also strongly believe Connecticut may make the Final Four and both Duke and Wake Forest may not make it past the first weekend if the match-ups break badly for them. Much more on college hoops later as well.

If life was like West Side Story, Paul would come home for Easter Break, meet my sister for two minutes and fall in love with her. Then, having only known him for a day and loving me as her brother, Tina would care for about three seconds upon finding out that he had stabbed me.

Maybe I should reconsider my “Life would be better if it were a musical” standpoint.

I’ve been typing for way, way too long, and I actually should get some work done this weekend around the hoops, movies and Oscar, so have a great weekend and just click those stupid links at the top when you visit. I would really appreciate it, and this is my last request of that.

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