Sunday, February 13, 2005

Due to my massive amounts of reading to do, a two and half hour work shift in the middle of my evening, the Grammy's and hopefully getting to watch UNC/UConn, I don't really have time for an extended post about our trek to Wabash College (twenty minutes from Purdue) for the Ben Kweller/Ben Folds concert. Despite Pete, Chad and I's original plan of scalping our 10 dollar tickets for 500% profits as soon as we got there, it ended up being a very good show. Folds is quite the showman, and Kweller handles the Steven Tyler-type singer style well - high as a freaking kite, with the ever-constant risk he may collapse on stage at anytime hanging tenuously in the air (Forgive me, Ms. Ginardi, I was just worried for his health and your mental health should the eventual collapse happen that night).

I'll get Brendan to write up how his life is good to end now after Folds sang a cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dre, or Andy MacKrell to find some way to post the massive amounts of video he took of the concert while bobbing his head with a dumb smile on his face (in a very good way) for two straight hours, but they stayed over at Purdue with some of Tommy's friends - didn't have the luxury due to the massive amounts of work, although I'm so very envious of all schools with a downtown, even those located in the middle of nowhere like Purdue or 70 miles wide like Penn State - so that will have to wait.

I'll try to do the Grammy Running Diary again tonight, but I'm not sure when I'm getting back from work/how much homework will be left to be done. I'll stop BSing and just give those of you trying to read something to avoid work some material. In honor of the hardcore piano-ing last night, I'll give you the timeline of The Norah in Nashville Idea, for those of you who didn't know me to read it over the summer and anyone else who wants to reread the story.

July 1st: The idea pops into my head

July 14th: Why Norah Is Better Than Everyone Else

August 12th thru 14th: The Road-Trip/Show/After Glow

Review of the Concert By Someone Not Me (Corraborating evidence of it's awesomeness)

That was a cheap update, and I apologize, but hopefully Patrick finds some time away from his paperwriting to get a couple links up or something. It's nice to not be flying this thing solo, so maybe I'll bring on some more contributors. Fielding all interested queries.

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