Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Woah woah woah, cancel The OC because of the huge Mighty Ducks-Sharks game tomorrow night.

Oh, I forgot - Hockey's dead.

Apparently the good folks at the NHL are meeting today in a last ditch effort to have a season, and with the NFL playoffs in full swing, March Madness coming into view and spring training for the baseball nuts beginning, I don't think anyone particularly, besides Barry Melrose and EJ Hradek, cares that the icy, terribly-marketed sport is even going to be played. With that said, I feel obliged to ask:

Does anyone truly miss NHL hockey?

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Anonymous said...

I do, I miss hockey. It always warms me up on a cold winter's night. There's always basketball, but it can get boring at times. I like a little variety. I miss hockey.

The Dillski