Thursday, January 13, 2005

Very exciting news. I'm not sure if anyone caught my away yesterday, but one of Ellen's friends that goes to Tulane had pictures of his night out at The Boot, a Tulane hangout. Now, I'm not going to linger on the thought of being in N'awlins for college as opposed to the Frozen Tundra of South Bend, but I thought her story turned downright amazing when it concluded with the fact that Lindsay Lohan was in the bar with him, partying it up. I don't think Eva Longoria or Paris Hilton are going to be stumbling around northern Indiana anytime soon (Rudy 2, anyone?) and that makes me very sad, but here's all the information you need to know to confirm my belle's story, because it at least provides a little joy on this turning-much-colder January evening.

The New York Post article

And some visual proof:

And my personal favorite, which should make just about everyone bust out laughing at the thought of the potential fallout:

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