Wednesday, January 26, 2005

This is the message my sister had left me when I returned from Time Travel Class today:

Your Oscar nomination rundown is vague...As far as the best song goes, it's like a 3 way nut house...w/ Accidently In Love, Learn to Be Lonely and Believe. THAT IS NUTS. And to scare me even more on ET's website people have The Incredibles picked over Shrek mind you I didn't see The Incredibles but we can not miss the point that Julie Andrews is in Shrek 2....She's the most valuable voice in America/England/Everywhere...and so what if that's just a personal's the truth in my book so it has to win. It just has to...OK I'm done. Oh, and Annette Benning has to win because she didn't get any credit for The American President, which is repeatedly replayed on TBS or USA and she's the only one who hasn't given in to the needle and or scalpel and still looks really pretty. Even my own Jane Seymour puts rat toxins in her skin.

- Tina

After that rant, I don't think I've ever been prouder in my life, other than maybe last night when Dill came unaway and excitedly exclaimed to me that "Singing in the Rain is awesome!". It's always been my dream that my little boy would grow up and watch a musical/old movie and enjoy it, and now he has. If he shares my belief that Casablanca would be a smash-hit if it was released for the first time this coming Friday, then I don't know what I'll do.

Coming tomorrow if I get the time will be the breakdown of the Villanova/Notre Dame game tonight and at some point in time we're putting together a detailed tale of Katie Mancino's weekend, with commentary from the various people in Dillon 1A whose lives she nearly destroyed.

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