Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Oscar nominations are going to be announced on Tuesday the 25th at 8:30 AM, so be sure and check that out. It's going to be a fun year, with the return of Leo, Depp's second try in as many tears and the introductions of Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti into the Best Actor race. Best Picture should be fun, as I just want to see what gets nominated. Michael Moore, both stupidly and proudly, didn't enter Fahrenheit into the Best Documentary category, meaning that it'll be Best Picture or Bust for the portly liberal.

His competition? Only the likes of The Aviator, Sideways, Eternal Sunshine, Million Dollar Baby and a whole host of other movies. Methinks that it'll lean towards Bust with that type of competition, but we will see.

Cross your fingers and hope for some Eternal Sunshine love for Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, though I doubt you'll see it since it came out so long ago. I'd like to think Spiderman 2 would get more love than simply for editting and cinematography, but I doubt it. Wouldn't be proper for the Academy to give some love to a superhero movie, no matter how awesome it was.


If you'd like to see the reason Brad and Jen broke up, then look no further than the Mr. and Mrs. Smith trailer and the hotness that is Angelina Jolie. I mean sure, Jennifer Aniston is a very attractive lady, but if you're Brad freaking Pitt, I think you look at scoring the movie star, not the retired television actress.

Come on, people, don't blame Brad. Look at her:


Even though I strongly believe that the Golden Globes should be abolished and simply let their votes contribute to the Oscars and Emmys, but we'll still give them a tip of the hat for giving the Best Actor in a Television Comedy to Jason Bateman, the glue to the absolutely fantastic Arrested Development, the single greatest show on television.

If you're not watching Arrested on a weekly basis and don't own at least one-to-two copies of it in your dorm's section, how do you live with yourself? I'm going to start making it a requirement that you know Arrested inside jokes to read my blog, so I can bust out things like "It walked on my pillow" and "Oh, that's right, your wife is dead" at least once a week.


Scott left me a response, in what I'm assuming was to Brendan and I's conversation (which was oddly popular - I thought it was almost too, I don't know, something to be funny) stating that he was going to laugh when Corey Dillon doesn't even get a 50 yards on Sunday.

Two quick thoughts to this:

1) Steeler fans never, ever post actual comments on the blog, besides Jo Bu, because I think they're afraid of having the public record available to me when their team eventually falls, and

2) Steeler fans are still absolutely crazy. I'm not sure after watching (make that listening) to what the Patriots did to the Ravens defense in the second half on Thanksgiving weekend and then watching how the Jets were finding some soft little holes in the Steel Curtain how you can wager that a motivated back like Corey Dillon won't get fifty yards, but I guess people just already in denial.


I'm going to try to patch a link to the live webcam out on South Quad to the bottom of my blog, so at all times you can see the Frozen Tundra at all times. That may get screwed up pretty bad, so cross your fingers for me.


Stay classy, San Diego. And stay warm, too.

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