Sunday, January 23, 2005

Just incase there was any question, I'm taking the Falcons (+6)and the Patriots (-3) today. I was 3-1 last weekend to bump me up to a .500 postseason record. Let's just say that if I go 2-0 today, Brendan and I will be significantly wealthier.

And the person who was reader number 10,000 according to the counter - and despite this being completely coordinated by Pat and MacKrell down in 110 - was my favorite Asian ROTC guy from Idaho, Paul Carlson, pictured here with his now missing cowboy hat.

If you happen to know where his cowboy hat is, please inform a member of Dillon 1A so that we can get it for him, because it makes him sad and that in turn makes all of us sad.

As Jo Bu just wished me on AIM, HAPPY CHAMPIONSHIP DAY!!!.

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