Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I stumbled upon a link to this nice little chart from The Washington Post recapping what's old new from 2004 and what the hot new "in" things for 2005 are going to be. Any article that covers so much ground that it mentions Barrack Obama and Dwyane Wade on the same page, and then pays tribute to Arrested Development and Adam Brody while they're at it, definitely deserves your attention.


I was still suffering from a little hangover after the glory of Sideways Sunday night that I wasn't quite able to full enjoy the mighty Bucknell Bison defeating the Pitt Panthers in that mecca of college basketball, the Peterson Event Center. The Panthers were touting some amazingly long home win streak against non-conference opponents, mostly because they play the likes of Georgetown for their non-conference schedule. No no, not the Hoyas, of John Thompson, Patrick Ewing and Allen Iverson fame, but Georgetown College...from Kentucky.

The story got so little attention, happening on a Sunday night following the last week of regular season NFL action and on the eve of the Sugar and Orange Bowls, but it's really a fun little tale. Not that I have to at Notre Dame anymore, but at least I don't have to hear any "Pitt as a legit national title threat" junk for a while. I'm not sure the best way to sum up my joy, which can only be exceeded by anyone associated with Bucknell, so I'll let Katie Mancino do it for me, with her statement after I sent her a link to the boxscore:

"Where in the hell is Bucknell?"


After Pittsburgh's last "franchise" quarterback's most famous display of affection was being kissed by his coach, I think the Steeler franchise should really be promoting the report that Big Ben is dating LPGA golfer, and smoking hottie, Natalie Gulbis. How in the world isn't this the lead story every night on the local news?

It's good to know that when Cowher guides the Steelers to another loss in the AFC Championship game at home to the Patriots that Big Ben will have this to comfort him:

EDIT: This picture may or may not be working. If FHM, the dogs they are, shut me down for stealing their swimsuit/golfclub photo, you can just check it out, plus four more, here.

Kudos to you, Benjamin. Of course, you need to head to the west coast (Natalie was an All-American golfer at Arizona) to find gals when your franchise doesn't even have cheerleaders.


Some point in time late this afternoon I'll be meeting MacKrell, Barcus, Danny and Tyler up in Clarion and guiding them down to the Wilson Ranchero for a few days of having nothing to do except hanging out around here. It'll be great for them to meet everybody, although I already warned them there was absolutely nothing to do and I lived in the middle of nowhere. They still wanted to come, so I get to hit both Dill and Danny at the same time, which is really exciting.

At least tonight is the Orange Bowl, following the guys' game at home against Freeport, and it should be an absolute dandy. We'll be watching it up here if you people - not in school - find yourself wanting something to do.


Coming Thursday, after my fellow Irish 08ers leave: A look back at the college football bowl season and a look ahead to the NFL playoffs and the sorta-intriguing, but mainly really boring wild card games this weekend.

Oh, and if anyone has a movie suggestion for a 2nd-annual "Review The NFL Season Through Movie Quotes", stolen red-handed from Bill Simmons, I'll take any suggestions. I'm not sure if I'll have time, but I'd love to try, as last year's turned out decently.

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