Sunday, February 13, 2005

So, if you live in my dorm or on this campus you know that Georgia is the best place in the world. I do a lot to ensure that my home state has a good name, but this is not one of those times.

Exhibit A: Now I think the real cause was having a woman teaching students how to drive. My driver's education teachers were football coaches.

Exhibit B: This is shocking. Well, not so much. In case you want to know where Smyrna is, it is here or here. For some reason there are two Smyrnas, one northwest of Atlanta (in Cobb County) and one southeast of Atlanta (in Morgan County). This is one example of why I hate Atlanta.

Exhibit C: Why does Valdosta (my hometown) keep closing awesome places? First the Wooden Nickel, now Southern Salvage.

But in defense of my great state, only in a small town could a chili cook-off make the front page.

Don't worry, this is probably the last time I talk about good ol' Georgia. I'll talk at y'all later.

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