Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hello, Lindsay and others. I figured I would post a couple thoughts on the sports happenings.

FIRST: While this isn't really newsworthy, I'll let you have multiple choice for why Sammy Sosa put on a batting practice show for his new team:

A. steroids
B. corked bat
C. 72 mph fastballs repeatedly in the same spot
D. Sammy was impressing 20 year old minor leaguers

SECOND: How awesome is the Randy Moss trade? Now I really don't care for the NFL season (sorry, Chris) but this makes for a much better draft, which definitely excites me. Now we can see, as Chad said, if the Vikings can waste another pick in the draft. It was only two years ago in which the Vikings ran out of time and passed twice before settling on Kevin Williams at #9.

Not much time left until that magical April 23rd. After all, the 49ers are on the clock...

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